India’s First False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector

False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector
False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector

India’s First False Alarm Immune Smoke Detector:

All of us know that Fire Alarm Systems cause a lot of False Alarms.

Studies have shown that, on average, there is “ONE FALSE ALARM OCCURING IN A HIGH RISE BUILDING EVERY DAY”.

Yes, one false alarm per day.

The consequence is that, just like in the story of the boy who cried “WOLF,” recurrent false alarms will seriously debilitate the chances of effective, decisive action during a real Fire Alarm.

Photoelectric detectors detect steam, dust, cement, talcum powder, or any microparticle getting into the smoke detector as “smoke”, and this is the main cause of false alarms.

Victofire Pyrox Detectors have been painstakingly engineered to ignore steam, dust, cement, and other non-combustion particles. And only consider the entry of smoke as an alarm.

This results in a significant reduction in false alarms, lending much-needed credibility to fire alarms and adding value to your investment.

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