Fully Addressable Integrated Fire Alarm & Public
Address System with ONEM2M Compliant realtime Online
Healthiness Monitoring & Emergency reporting

360° Fire safety with Built-in Gas Leak, Panic, Sprinkler Alarm & Portable Fire Extinguisher Health Monitoring, 

Easy Maintenance with Fully Structured Cabling  & Specifically Suited For Highrises And Large Infrastructure.

Secure your property
Sensors Control Panels Annunciators
360 Degrees Integrated Fire Safety

An Integrated Approach to Fire Safety for Large Infrastructure

All of these devices are tightly integrated by the VictoFire without the need for any additional modules. Also, with its well-spread-out, 250+ data point display, it shows every notification received from connected devices.

The Victofire System and Architecture

Victofire key features

Cut-off 90% of
cable runs

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Synopsis on
Victofire Equipments

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The Victofire difference

Reduces 90% of Cable Runs

Victofire substitutes 100 cables with just 3 cables for a 20-floor building.

Detects exact location of fault

Victofire makes it easy by displaying the exact location of the wiring fault.

Inspect systems

The system will be monitored by our web server 24/7 to keep an eye on every device.

No False Alarm

Sensors that distinguish between dust and smoke can help prevent false alarms.

Cable routing identical to zone mapping

The two-tier architecture enables identical software and hardware zones. Though every zone is addressable, it will have its own wiring/circuit.

Integrates Portable Extinguisher Monitoring

Communicates intelligently with all fire extinguishers to govern their presence and healthiness.

Victofire Products

Victofire 80

Conventional Fire
Alarm Panel

Victofire 300

Fully Addressable Fire
Alarm Panel

Victofire 7000

Fully Addressable Fire Alarm Cum Public Address System For Large Infrastructure

Smoke detector

Addressable/ Conventional with False Alarm Immunity

Heat detector

Addressable/ Conventional
Rate of Rise/
Fixed Temperature


Area Modules
Floor Modules
Lobby Modules
Flat Modules

Our Projects

VictoFire Advantage

An advanced fully addressable integrated Fire Alarm / Public address system designed for
large infrastructure.

 Discover how the VictoFire equips system integrates with highly scalable

fire-ready systems that can be fully monitored and retrofitted with components designed and developed in India!

Square Feet
0 +
Devices Installed
across 5 cities
High Rises Protected
>20 Floors!

complete Site Management
Application for System Integrators

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We built this for our own team, and they loved using it. 

And so wanted to share it with the world!

Download the VictoFire Safety app to monitor your installation Remotely

Live monitoring with status updates every 3 minutes.