A Comprehensive fire safety system for Commercial/IT/Industrial infrastructure

360° protection

Area Module & Floor Modules

The Victofire system has a modern and structured architecture whose highlight is dedicated and separate cabling for every addressable zone within the addressable loop. The system has unique, customized modules for vertical residential high rises and non-resident that is commercial IT and Industrial Infrastructure. In the following section we discuss the unique modules for Large Commercial/IT /Industrial Infrastructure.


Area Module

The comprehensive Victofire Area Module is used in the commercial and industrial type of infrastructures and encompasses the  Manual Call Point, Hooter, Mic and PA Speaker( used in the Public Announcement System). The Area Module provides interface for getting status from Smoke/Heat Detectors from an independent zone. The Area Module also provides the status of the Sprinkler System of the zone vide the monitoring of the Sprinkler Flowswitch. LEDs present on the Area Module provide visual indication when the Manual Call Point is activated. The hooter is used to provide annunciation during alarm from either Manual Call Point, Smoke Detectors/ Heat Detectors or from the Sprinkler Flow Switch connected to it. It is the  Area Module that  provides a structural cabling backbone to the Fire Alarm System thus enabling easy Zone wise  Fire and Fault identification.


The Victofire Floor Module

 The Floor Module provides a common Annunciation when an Alarm is detected by any of the Area Modules in that floor. Floor Module used in the Commercial and industrial space encompassing the Manual Call Point, Hooter, Mic and PA speaker. The Floor Module is used to interface the detectors in common area like the lobbies or corridors in commercial establishment. The Floor Module also provides to interface to the Sprinkler Flowswitch and Extinguisher Monitoring Unit . The Extinguisher Monitoring Unit provides input to the Floor Module when the Extinguisher is missing or is empty thus enabling an indication or annunciation at the Main Fire Alarm Panel.


Thus Victofire floor module Integrates--

Input from Heat/Smoke detector

The floor modules are wired to smoke and heat detectors, which are positioned on each floor beside the electrical shaft. 

Public address speakers

The speakers, which will be implanted in each floor, will broadcast the message from a microphone near the fire alarm panel.

Fire extinguisher Monitor

It indicates the precise state of the linked extinguisher and sends an alert if it runs empty. 


Floor modules have audio annunciators that signify active devices and are linked to an 80dB sound level hooter.

Manual call points

If a resident faces a fire emergency, he or she can manually inform the public using built-in manual call points.

Sprinkler system

The Flow Switch Monitoring device connects the floor module to the sprinkler system.