Lobby and Flat module

Lobby Module and Flat Module are used in Residential Infrastructure to differentiate between the Common Areas and the Apartments respectively.

Complete Coverage

Lobby Module

The Comprehensive Victofire Lobby module is installed in the corridor or lobby of every floor in a residential Tower and has built-in Manual Call Point, Hooter, Public Announcement Speaker and Mic. The lobby module also provides interface to the Smoke/Heat Detectors installed in the corridor of every floor including the electrical shaft. The Lobby module provides Audio Annunciation in the floor during alarm conditions in any Apartment on that floor vide Hooter with 80dB sound level. The Speaker built-in to the lobby module is used during Public Announcement to relay whatever is announced on the mic kept near the Fire Alarm Panel. The Built-in Manual Call Points is used to provide Manual Fire Indication Activation when an inhabitant spots a Fire Emergency. The Lobby Module provides interface to the Fire Extinguisher Monitoring unit which is used to provide indication during absence of Extinguisher or when the Extinguisher is empty. Lobby module also interfaces to the sprinkler System vide the Flow Switch Monitoring unit.


Flat modules

The Comprehensive Victofire Flat Module is installed in every Flat and  provides interface to the Smoke and Heat Detectors that are installed inside an Apartment through a 2 core cable. In Addition Flat Module provides interfaces for LPG Gas Leak Detector, Panic Switch, PIR based Motion Sensor or Occupancy Sensors through 2 wire core cable. The Flat module also provides interface for Flow Switch of the Sprinkler System.

Thus Victofire flat module Integrates--

Input from Heat/Smoke detector

The flat modules are wired to smoke and heat detectors, which are positioned on each floor beside the electrical shaft. 

Public address speakers

The speakers, which will be implanted in each flat, will broadcast the message from a microphone near the fire alarm panel.

Fire extinguisher Monitor

It indicates the precise state of the linked extinguisher and sends an alert if it runs empty. 


Flat modules have audio annunciators that signify active devices and are linked to an 80dB sound level hooter.

Manual call points

If a resident faces a fire emergency, he or she can manually inform the public using built-in manual call points.

Sprinkler system

The Flow Switch Monitoring device connects the flat module to the sprinkler system.