Are you fire ready?

Are you fire ready? Being fire ready is not just having a system in place, but knowing how well its working. Is it primed and ready to go? Are all the devices in the system working?

Typical addressable fire systems don’t answer these pressing questions. That’s why, merely investing a lot of money and putting up large Fire Protection Systems alone does not ensure Fire Protection.

Unlike the stoppage of electricity or water, a breakdown of a fire detection or fire protection system doesn’t come to your notice. Not until it annual maintenance contracts causes integrators to come and do a check. This becomes quite dangerous as being Fire-Ready is something that we often take for granted. But when these systems fail we wonder what went wrong. 

Often times, maintenance of Fire Protection System does not get prioritised. Due to which, during a real emergency, systems fail to operate, leading to avoidable catastrophes.

Victofire overcomes this problem by getting connected to “Fire Ready” the continuous online Fire Systems Healthiness Monitoring Platform

The Fire Ready Platform talks to the Victofire System once every three minutes. Upon detecting any fault or system breakdown, the Fire Ready Platform immediately and continuously alerts the maintenance and admin personnel till the problem is solved and the system is restored. This means that there will never be a time when you are surprised that certain components are down. Coupled with pin-point detection capabilities, the time between failure and resolution is drastically reduced. 

With Victofire connected to Fire Ready you can happily say goodbye to fire alarm system downtime.

Victofire is always Fire Ready.

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