Yashas App

Notice each activity of the fire safety system from anywhere through the VictoFire Yashas App.

The Yashas App.

Yashas is a specialised app for managing fire alarm system integration projects on-site.

Any project site with a fire alarm is divided into “zones” which contain detectors and annunciators. These building zones, along with the device and cabling information based on approved drawings of the project, can be seamlessly loaded into the Tashas using very optimized pre-classified fields.

This facilitates the logging in of the daily work done by site personnel through just a few clicks using pre-fed drop-down menus, without requiring them to write anything.

Manpower costs can be set up in the app, and provisions are in place for setting up the project-wise price being paid by the customer. Based on all these inputs, the app calculates the individual efficiency and team efficiency of every person or team deployed on the site.

The work reported by individual teams automatically gets loaded as tasks into the supervisor’s task list for him to physically verify and credibly confirm the quantum and quality of the work done through an OTP Verification process.

 Automatic reporting billable work done on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis becomes readily available.

Reports on project efficiency and profitability from the perspective of erection and commissioning become available. Site level material management features through which site stock gets automatically compared with the erected stock (based on daily erection entries) provide an automatic site stock reconciliation statement, preventing material loss, theft, or misplacement on the site.

Yashas also has a facility for configuring project erection plans with allotments to specific site teams so that erection progress against plans can be clearly visualised and site manpower augmentation or withdrawal can be planned.

Yashas provides facilities to automatically send work reports to customers to keep them updated about work progress and impending billing for better cash flow projection.

Yashas is available for all Victofire projects free of cost and is a wonderful tool through which system integrators can take their business to the next level by being able to transparently track and drive up the efficiency of site manpower and material usage.