Tulip Leaf

Project Details


32 Zones, 22 Floors

5 Buildings,


Tulip Leaf 


Smoke Detection, LPG Gas Leak Detection, Panic Alarms, Public Address System, Zone-wise talk-back System, Full online Monitoring Suite


Tulip Leaf, Gurgaon



Tulip Leaf

Premium 21 Floor Premium Tower Gurgaon

The tulip team from Gurgaon once visited our factory in Hoskote and was impressed by our product quality and the latest features, installed the Victofire full suite of integrated safety for their infrastructure. They installed, 

  1. Smoke and heat detectors in each apartment 
  2. LPG/CNG Gas leak detectors in every apartment Kitchen 
  3. Panic Sensors in Each Apartment
  4. Sprinkler break flow switch sensor in every apartment.
  5. Public address and Talk Back from every floor
  6. Portable Fire Extinguisher Monitoring in Every Floor

With installing the entire Integrated Victofire Fire Safety Suite in their protection they have offered the highest level of protection for their customers. 

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