CDOT research institution. 

Project Details


32 Zones, 22 Floors

5 Buildings,


Century Developers


Smoke Detection, LPG Gas Leak Detection, Panic Alarms, Public Address System, Zone-wise talk-back System, Full online Monitoring Suite


Airport Road, Bengaluru



Details of the Project

Readiness monitoring at CDOT research institution.

CDOT is the premier research institution under the Ministry of MeitY which pioneered the deployment of the telecom revolution in India. CDOT pioneered in developing the ONEM2M common service layer platform to create future smart cities, and it has partnered with numerous research organisations across the world. CDOT has installed a Victofire fire readiness monitoring platform that is compliant with ONEM2M standards and installed the solutions at the CDOT ITU building in Mehrauli, Delhi, which houses teams from SE Asian countries. 

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